Passion, People, Places. – Podcast Episode 8

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Passion, People, Places: Only some of the things Eric Muhr finds important to surround himself with on a daily basis while he’s bringing the Instagram community closer. Founder of @OregonExplored (a over 150,000 follower page on IG), Eric has dedicated hours upon hours over the last couple of years to grow, and take part in helping others grow, several incredible location based photography feeds across the United States. His goal today, and from the beginning was to allow the work of others to be seen without inundating you with marketing, ads, and other unrelated material you commonly find on other pages today.

His mission is to truly focus on the community, and give people every day the chance to be seen not only on Instagram, but Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and more… Check out this episode to learn more about the challenges faced with running such a large feed, and of course: The man behind it all!

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