News in the News! – Podcast Episode 6

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Below are the links and videos mentioned in this week’s episode of The Finer Photo Podcast. Enjoy! 

Sony RX1R II: This camera rocks. Hands down- 42mp full frame mirrorless camera with 399 focus points, AND get this: you can turn on and off the low pass filter for sharper images! Finally they put a viewfinder so people like us that are used to framing with our eye instead of our cellphone can rock it old school! 😉 But yeah, $3,300 is going to set you back… Read More

Light L16: So just in case you were feeling a bit underwhelmed by having one 1 camera, try 16! This beast in a small package has 5 x 35mm cameras, 5 x 70mm cameras, and 6 x 150mm cameras, all boasting 13 megapixels. With the technology to change focus and focal length it looks like after the fact, this camera definitely changes the game but at a cost: $1,600 retail! Read More

DJI OSMO: I want this camera so bad! It’s basically just another DJI product, and you’ve had any experience with them, stabilization is butter smooth. This time though they took the awesome camera they’ve put on the ridiculous DJI Inspire 1 and put it on a handheld full stabilized pistol grip. Check out the video- it’s stupid silly! Product Page

This bittersweet image has gone viral after someone pointed out that a single woman amidst a sea of cellphones decided to enjoy the moment at hand, instead of race to her pocket/purse to capture it. Or maybe she didn’t have a cellphone at all… Either way, we thought it was cool, and kind of inspiring. 🙂 Read More

Roby and I just about peed ourself watching this the first time… Screw the game when you can be taking a Churro selfie! ~Priorities in 2015~

Adobe fudged up this time! They released an update about a week ago that they had to publicly apologize for that caused freezing and all sorts of Mayhem within Lightroom CC 2015. THEN on top of that, they removed some features and caused an uproar. I for one was raging content as I didn’t experience any of these issues, but I feel for the professionals that has issues getting things done. It’s an honest mistake that could happen to any company, but hopefully they learn from it… Read More

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