Roby ran over my drone. – Podcast Episode 3

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We recently made the purchase of a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone! After only 2 weeks and 1 rough mistake, the drone suffered some minor damage (thankfully for the DJI hardshell backpack). Roby ran over my drone! Haha, it was a todji-phantom-3ugh day for the both of us, but we quickly found a solution and ordered another broken drone off eBay.  After about 6 hours of swapping parts on it one day last week, Roy was able to get it back up and running. It’s not new, that’s for sure- but all is well again in the world! 😉 We’ve only gotten to fly it a hand full of times, but we are starting to get the hang of it quickly and learning the many different options this incredible technology has to offer. We honestly can’t recommend any other product if you’re thinking about entering this space. We’ve done a lot of research against competitors and there’s very little that stands next to this company! With anything new however, it doesn’t come without its pitfalls. In this episode we discuss the challenges you face when flying, and some considerations to take into account when thinking about making the investment…


Check out some of the pics we’ve gotten so far:

drone-cannon-beach drone-cathedral-park drone-grassy-lake-creek-falls drone-kelly-point-park drone-larch-mountain drone-lombard-street drone-roy-roby drone-womens-forum

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