Instagram For A Living – Podcast Episode 10

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If the name Brain Kaiser doesn’t ring a bell, it should! Instagram Suggested User: @brianmkaiser not only has almost 70,000 followers, but didn’t waste any time paving his own path for success in the rapidly growing social media marketing space! His ultimate dream and goal of hanging out with friends, exploring the back country in a jeep, and getting paid to do it, is quickly coming to fruition. Instead of waiting for agencies to find him first, Brian took matters into his own hands and founded a startup that began working to approach brands with a relatively new method of reaching their audience, ‘Influence Marketing’.

With the Photography and Marketing industry growing faster than ever before, Brian understands the importance of moving past a magazine or billboard ad to reach the new generations. Engagement, following, and network are the new keys to success in this business… In an interview you don’t want to miss, we discuss the crazy turns adventuring can lead with a camera, what it’s like to get the coveted Instagram Suggested User Message, and what it takes to start working with brands and kickstart your career in the new age of marketing!

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