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Hi Guys, Loving the site and the blogs / tutorials / podcasts. I have a range of interests in photography, from landscape photography, nature and travel photography (which seems to get the most attention on Instagram), to Portrait photography, product photography and street photography. I enjoy being involved in a range of creative processes, such as shooting musicians at rehearsals, helping collaborate on creative directions for clothing releases and photographing the garments on models, as well as candid photography of friends. I was wondering, after reading your blog post '10 tips to 10k', if you feel like this would be an overload of ranges for an instagram feed, or do I just need to associate with more groups within those brandings and work harder to get interest from all angles? Any advice you may have with regards to networking via instagram and recommendations for finding photographers / models / creatives to work with would be hugely appreciated. Thanks! Jon
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Asked on July 2, 2015 8:33 am


Thanks so much for getting back to me. No worries on the delay, I noticed you guys were out of town and shooting at a wedding recently, I’m excited to see he new content.

I’ve recently managed to narrow my brand down a little to ’exploration’. I’m going to hold off on the music photography (privately peruse this instead of showcase on Instagram) and stick to my urban / nature exploration photography for the feed.

I recently created a private personal account, to stay in touch with friends during travels. My photography IG is @jcartwright_photos so few free to check it out.

I’d love to be part of something, be it Skype interview or anything! I’m actually based in the UK and not the U.S. – I’ve noticed that the community isn’t as large here as it is out in the U.S. but I’ve started researching groups of interest and trying to reach out to them.

Look forward to hearing back from you – feel free to reach out via email as we – [email protected]

Posted by jcartwright_
Answered On July 18, 2015 2:24 am

Also as far as networking is concerned, don’t be afraid to reach out to people for opportunities to shoot! That’s how I met Roby back in the day. I liked his stuff, he liked mine, and we decided to get together and shoot. Then when you get tagged in each other’s posts- you share followership and again, GROW! I think when I searched your username on here I got a private page? Is that yours? Do you have a public page I can take a look at? I would love to see what you’ve done and see if we can give you some advice if you’d like. Or maybe even interview you on Skype for an upcoming podcast roundtable. That would be awesome if you’re interested in that. :)

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Answered On July 17, 2015 10:45 am

First off, very sorry for the delay in response. We’ve been working hard to bring a whole new level of service, content, and just overall resource for awesome stuff. You’re crazy important to us and there was no excuse in letting this go this long. So our apologies- Now on to your question! As Roby mentioned in the 10 tips to 10k, you have to create a BRAND for yourself. This is super important above all. Find out what you enjoy shooting, post everything in the process, and once you find it stick with it on that page. Roby, and I have spent HOURS upon HOURS mulling over data pertaining to what makes you successful on Instagram. There are two things that come up again and again. 1. Location, make sure you target your hashtags to location- meaning for you (i’m assuming): northwest. Try searching for hashtags that have over 10k posts on them and that people are posting to regularly. Hit up all the NW feature pages, @bestoforegon, @oregonexplored, @cascadiaexplored, etc… The thing that has always been the most successful on IG, is people in nature. So if you can put a fashionably dressed male or female in a beautiful landscape, GOLD BUDDY! So that combines two of the interests you mentioned already. Now on to product photography. I will say that Instagram is #1 for clothing. More clothing, and apparel ideas for the subconscious come from IG than probably even Pinterest at this point. So if you can find yourself a brand to associate yourself with- find a model, get a sample, dress her or him up, and head out to the mountains! Haha, but seriously- BOOM! Again gold material and you got Portrait, Landscape, and Product all in one shot. The likes and follows will soar, again if you follow some of the other tips Roby set forth. Now if you truly want to continue to explore different avenues then definitely create separate IG accounts. I have found however that most people who do this, ultimately begin to drop off back to 1 account. Not saying you will do this, but definitely, if you want to grow, you will not do well posting that wide of a variety. People follow you because their interested in your content, and again, BRAND. If you’re posting all over the place, you’re simply going to be subject to an unfollow quickly as people didn’t follow you after a great shot of mountain to then see a dude rocking out on stage while hitting that perfect high note, if you get my drift… I hope that answered your question. Definitely clarify if I missed a point there you were wanting me to focus on. Again, thanks so much for the question and let us know if we can do a video or podcast on something you’re having trouble nailing. We’re always looking for ideas. :)

Posted by Roy Dufek
Answered On July 17, 2015 10:36 am