Best Way To Grow Your Instagram – 10 Tips To 10k

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Instagram is a great way to get exposure for your photography and yet everyone wants to grow their following. Since Instagram is now the largest social media, it is increasingly hard to get your name recognized due to the saturation of pages. I have been figuring out what works and what doesn’t for the past two years now, and today I want to share my tips that I have found are the best way to grow your Instagram account quickly.

1. Consistent content: As a new photographer, I felt the need to explore all things photography and showcase them on my page. I started out with pictures of my food and random life experiences, moved on to hiking adventures, then I explored night city scenes, street scenes, and star shots. I even had an interest in urban exploration. At a certain point, I determined that people need to have an expectation of what my posts would be. You need to pick a particular point of view and stick with it. I decided to make a brand and that brand is adventure and exploration.

2. Networking and tagging: One thing that is great about social media is the ability to network with a wide range of people with all sorts of backgrounds. Connect with those people and tag them in your pictures. Tagging builds community and helps others see your work.

3. Liking pictures in hashtags that reflect your interests: A very important step in getting a following, is to find hashtags that represent your brand and like pictures that appeal to you. This gets your name out and allows those people to check out your page.

4. Providing Context for your images: Every picture has a story. It is very important to give a context to your audience so that they can experience the scene as you did. Explain how difficult it was to get to, talk about the funny story that resulted in the picture, or even explain why it didn’t turn out the way you wanted because you didn’t focus correctly on the stars. haha

5. Squaring your images for a consistent and streamlined gallery: There are many apps now that allow you to post to Instagram in any size, with in the square. While posting the image in its original format does allow the entire picture to be seen, it makes the gallery look disjointed. Be sure to frame your picture so that you can crop it to a square even though at times it is very difficult to let go of wider view. Another important aspect of squaring an image is that many feature pages only feature squared content. If you do not square your image, you are already out of the running for a feature.

6. Limit your daily posts: Everyone gets excited about the experiences they have and it is fun to share them. However, you have to remember that everyone has a lot of people in their feed and if you post too often, it can get a bit overwhelming. I think if you limit posting to once or maybe twice per day, you can also allow only your best work and have people really appreciate that post in particular.

“Every picture has a story.” RB

7. Tag only feature pages that are relevant to your image: Feature pages are a great way to get exposed and yet they have a particular point of view. Only tag a feature page if it pertains to your image to maximize hashtag use. In addition, if you do get featured, remember that a feature page will only feature you so often, so allow 2-3 weeks after a feature to resume.

8. Geo tag your images when possible: Geo tagging your images allows other people to find the experience you had. This is particularly important if you do a lot of hiking. One free app that allows you to find a location and tag it for your post after the fact is called fake location.

9. Post at ideal times on a regular basis to maximize your presence: Think about when you look at Instagram and follow suit. First thing in the morning from 7:00am to 9:00am is a great time, as people in your area are just waking up. In my experience the best time to post is between 6:30pm and 8:00pm, as people as done with dinner and winding down their day. The best day to post is always on a Sunday. People want to see what happened over the weekend, so this makes perfect sense.

10. Eliminate any bad photos: There is something to be said about showing a process. Everyone who is learning photography keeps growing in their abilities and standards. One thing to think about is turning your page into a true gallery of your best work. Don’t be afraid to delete your old posts that were not received well. In my experience, I deleted over 800 photos several months ago and the best ones were simply edited again and reposted. This is a way to provide quality control and it just makes for a better presentation. Remember that rarely are people going back in your feed to look at photos from months ago and you always have them saved on your computer for future reference.

I really hope this list gives a bit of insight into creating a better Instagram gallery and how to maximize your impact to the people who enjoy and may enjoy your work. By employing the techniques I have grown my page to over 11,600 people and counting. It definitely takes a lot of time and work, but these steps will make it a lot easier for you to move up on Instagram.